Your people are your greatest potential asset. We’ve trained thousands of people across a large range of organisations in the UK and worldwide to help generate new ways to approach problems, to think a bit differently and to change behaviours. Our expertise is in developing staff to better handle change and everything that comes with it. We have a great track record in building trust, developing relationships and engaging in open and honest conversations around change. 

Example: We helped a digital media company tackle problems differently by creating a bespoke training programme that incorporated critical thinking and agile approaches.


Everyone seems to be talking about agility. We’ve been working in this space for many years. We’ve worked closely with organisations and witnessed a genuine transformation from slow and sluggish to quick, nimble, clear thinking and forward-looking.

Example: We worked with a global car manufacturer to introduce agile approaches and demonstrate how agility is vital in this sector. Taking into consideration the pace and scale of transition due to climate change combined with the increasing threat from tech-focused rivals.


We’ve taken a good look at processes in a huge range of organisations, particularly processes around change and project delivery. We can help you improve, refine or go radical…and start again from scratch.

Example: We analysed the project and programme processes for a national arts organisation. As a result, many of our recommendations were implemented with significant improvement and efficiency.


Our assignments are typically about transforming specific parts of organisations. We’ve helped break down silos, introduce a kinder way of working, realigning activity to a new strategy, removing pain-points and accelerating organisational decision-making.

Example: We are currently supporting a UK public sector organisation in a full programme of support as they completely transform their way of working as a result of the COVID pandemic.




Change is ultimately about people, and this demands effective and well-attuned leadership. We’ve worked closely with leaders across many organisations by supporting and challenging them appropriately, enabling them to gain more impact through the change initiatives they are leading.

Example: We have worked extensively with leaders in a FTSE 250 technology company to completely change the leadership culture of the organisation.


Many attempts to generate change are really just tinkering with the edges. For genuine change to become embedded and self-sustaining there is an inevitable need to focus on culture. We have diagnostic tools which help shed light on the current culture and how it might be playing a part in holding people back. By shedding light on the culture of a business we can better understand it and then craft an approach to engage in meaningful and lasting change.  

Example: Annovista was invited to work with a UK-based construction company to help support its transformation it to a radically different working model. The transformation has been a runaway success – something that would not have been possible without sensitivity and focus on the changing organisational culture.


We work with a discrete number of technology partners to enable the digital transformation necessary for future work. 

Example: We’ve recently been training a global corporate in the use of project tools and software to plan better and monitor and control change more effectively.