Change management

Change management is vital for organisational survival and growth. Research consistently shows that those organisations that adopt proven change management approaches have a significantly higher rate of successful change. This course is based on current best practice such as the ADKAR® model and provides you with an understanding of key models, techniques and tools to support your change initiatives.

How Will The Course Benefit You?

The course will provide you with a sound understanding of the fundamental tools, techniques, principles and behaviours necessary for real-world adoption. You will go through the process of organisational change, understand the roles people need to fulfil, gain additional insights into how people react to change and how they can best be supported. The workshop will also work with examples of different types of change with guidance on how you can continue to keep stakeholders engaged.

Career Path Opportunities

The course will benefit:

  • Change managers
  • Change teams
  • Change management professionals
  • Project and programme managers
  • Heads of service and line managers
  • Senior leaders
  • Consultants

Course Content 

  • Saying and Doing: What the research says, versus what we are doing
  • Preparing for change
  • How do people approach change?
  • Sponsoring, managing and coaching people through change
  • Data collection, feedback and adapting as changes take hold
  • Readiness assessments
  • Embedding and sustaining meaningful change
  • Real-world challenges and how to tackle them
  • Next steps.

Delivery Method

This course is delivered either as a live online event and/or a face-to-face classroom workshop. Whichever you choose, we ensure all our delivery is highly interactive, memorable and effective.


1 day

Pre-Course Preparation

There are a few short activities before attending the workshop.