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    Partnering organisations through change.Miles Huckle, CEO Annovista Ltd

A warm welcome to you! Glad you’ve found us. Looking for project, portfolio or programme management training? Need coaching to reach the next level? Could do with some consultancy to better understand what’s going on and how to improve? Hopefully we can help you out.

Annovista’s team, headed up by Miles Huckle, have supported many organisations in the UK and internationally since 2004. Our primary customer-base are medium sized organisations who need some form of support associated with current or anticipated change. 

Everything we do is focussed on bringing about positive change. 


We offer a significant range of change, project, portfolio and programme management training. Our offering goes way beyond what’s mentioned on this website! From off-the-shelf courses to highly bespoke training provision, we have the capability and experience to help you gain the skills, expertise and behaviours necessary to develop. We offer training to very different audiences. Whether it’s workshops for senior boards, upskilling project and change personnel or providing introductory training for inexperienced staff, we can help you.


Coaching is a hugely important contributor for change. We believe that coaching-based approaches are a fundamental set of qualities necessary for real change to happen. Our coaching assignments are hugely varied. We have coached groups, teams and individuals in the UK and internationally and across many sectors. In all circumstances, we challenge ourselves to find the best way to coach and support you. Our services include the provision of a ‘direct’ coaching service to individuals and teams, or supporting your internal coaching capability as you journey toward a coaching culture.


We have helped many organisations over the last 15 years. Our track record can be clearly demonstrated through the significant number of referrals we get, based on the consultancy assignments we have successfully completed. Our consultancy typically takes one of two paths:

  • Preparing for change
  • Trouble-shooting change

Our clients have gained significant value from the insights we’ve provided, helping to better illuminate what is going on. This results in real clarity about what the next steps are toward improved performance and an avoidance of wasted effort and investment. We come equipped with numerous tools, approaches, diagnostics, health checks and maturity assessments to help support you. In short, we can help you figure out what the next steps ought to be and how to get there. We can even support you for part or all of the journey too if you wish.

We have an excellent track record. Our team has significant expertise. We work with the essential strands which make-up any organisation: behaviours, process, tools, information and techniques. All of our work is underpinned by current good and best practice, latest research…and a healthy dose of common sense.

Virtual Training

Our highly engaging virtual training modules provide focussed learning.

Remote working

How to work effectively in a virtual world!

These modules help support managers and teams operate effectively in the current crisis. Resilience, mental fitness, getting the best out of current technologies are all included.

project management

Getting the best out of project delivery. 

If you need focussed support on specific areas of project or programme management training, we create bespoke virtual modules to give you exactly what’s needed.

Change management

Deepening our understanding of what happens when things change.

Learn the essential tools, techniques and competencies necessary to help deliver change.