P3M3 Assessment, Project Health Checks and Diagnostics

Our experiences include numerous project management health checks and diagnostics across varying sectors. These can be short, focussed assignments which provide key insights. Alternatively, we are equipped to conduct more extensive ‘deep-dive’ assessments and reviews.

We are an official consulting partner with Axelos, global best practice, accredited to conduct a certified P3M3 assessment. A P3M3 assessment (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model) analyses perspectives of organisational performance. The assessment has significant credibility as it is based on the CMMI’s globally acknowledged model for assessing organisational maturity. Firtsly, P3M3 assessment covers key dimensions such as people, process, information and tools. Secondly, the P3M3 report provides a maturity score for each perspective under review using the following levels of maturity:

  1. Awareness of process
  2. Repeatable delivery
  3. Consistent delivery
  4. Managed delivery
  5. Optimised delivery

Maturity assessments, health checks and diagnostic reviews provide crucial insights into organisational performance. Our experienced consultants have all conducted health checks, diagnostics or maturity assessments. The outcomes from these approaches really does help organisations understand more about what is going on by illuminating current practice. All our diagnostic work results in clearly prioritised recommendations in a report, together with practical suggestions on how to further development and grow. We have witnessed the growth in project and programme development as a direct result of the findings from health checks and diagnostic assessments. To find out more about our health checks, diagnostics and maturity assessments, contact us.

P3M3 Portfolio, Programme Project Management Maturity Model Assessments

What are the benefits of a P3M3 Assessment?

So why have a P3M3 assessment? Each organisation we work with has a specific reason for conducting a P3M3 assessment, but the principle benefits are:

  • Establishes a benchmark against a standard
  • Generates relevant conversations about where we are strong and not so strong
  • Enables a developmental pathway to be established in specific performance areas
  • Justifies investment in project, programme and portfolio development activity
  • Future assessments can be undertaken to objectively assess the real progress made
  • Draws on internal and external perspectives to provide a balanced and contextualised report
  • Diagnostics enable clear ‘next steps’ to improve performance
  • Is an adaptable approach which can be tailored to the specifics of your organisation
  • Builds confidence in project, programme and portfolio performance.

Team Insights

No single approach is going to suit every organisation. That’s why we have a range of diagnostic tools and assessments to help teams and team members better understand their performance. This illuminates team dynamics and enables teams to understand more about themselves. In turn, the necessary work to improve the mood, increase performance and achieve greater things can be achieved.

Project, Programme, Portfolio Coaching

Our consultants and coaches can support your teams wherever you are on your journey toward improving performance . Find out more about our coaching services here.