Give Coaching a Try!

Coaching in Herefordshire and WorcestershireLook at this image for a moment. What is this person thinking and feeling? Worried, curious, contemplating new possibilities…perhaps they are on the brink of a major realisation that could seriously change their outlook? As a coach we get to see you, listen to you and experience you. We get a ‘sense’ of who you are and work with you to help you get to where you need to be.

Coaching in Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Gloucestershire

We are currently undertaking coaching with a number of professionals from across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Many have never been coached before…and they are returning for more!

What is it?

Essentially, coaching is a series of rich conversations that help to explore, challenge and enlighten. The process is purposeful; each conversation generates relevant and realistic actions. We coach people working in a very wide range of organisations. There doesn’t need to be anything ‘wrong’ with you. In fact, in many ways coaching keeps you ‘healthy’ as the process provides important headspace to clarify things and make decisions you might not otherwise get around to.

Why get an external coach?

Being external form your ‘network’ (family, friends, colleagues) we can ensure that we have no agenda other than to work with you to move you forward. For coaching to be truly effective, it is vital that your coach has the ‘freedom’ to observe, question, challenge, use intuition and provide helpful insight. Every coaching conversation remains utterly confidential – not a word goes elsewhere – guaranteed (subject to law of course!). We operate in a highly ethical manner. You remain in control at all times – there is no Jedi mastery involved!

Coaching Experiences

We love coaching. Some of our most memorable moments over the years have taken place within a one-to-one coaching conversation. That moment when a sudden realisation occurs, or a significant ‘breakthrough’ takes place is pretty special. In fact, it’s a privilege.

Starting, Stopping

If you are interested in experiencing coaching, feel free to make contact with us. We are happy to chat (no strings) in order to explore whether coaching is appropriate and how we might be able to support you. We keep things simple – if it’s not right, we will simply say so. If you undertake coaching and feel it is not for you, then you can stop whenever you wish. Interestingly though, most coaching assignments do progress through their anticipated duration.

Want to Find Out More?

Contact us to find out more about coaching in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire at or see more information on our coaching page. And in case you’re wondering – we do offer coaching all over the UK and with overseas clients too (see our case study).