Thinking of implementing agile?

Need help implementing Agile?implementing agile?

We have been working with several organisations so far this year implementing agile approaches. These assignments have crossed several sectors and are spread throughout England and Wales.

what is agile?

Agile is a way of working efficiently and effectively to deliver product fast. It thrives on driving improvement and seeking constant feedback. When it works well it generates excellent teamwork and a culture of trust and customer focus. Agile approaches have been around for many years, and are constantly developing. Globally, Agile has radically changed the software industry. In recent years, Annovista has been involved in bringing Agile into organisations and sectors beyond the software world. We achieve this using our own approach to organisational change, combined with experiential training and further supported through coaching and mentoring support.

adopting agile

Adopting agile is not necessarily straight forward. It often means a (positive) shift in culture. We have worked with organisations right through the process. From considering whether Agile might be useful to it becoming a fully embedded way of working. Very exciting and rewarding stuff!

If you are considering adopting agile, we would love to chat.

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