Dream Big Work Smart – Free Masterclass for business leaders and entrepreneurs

We are delighted to announce the launch of a series of ‘self-leadership’ masterclasses in 2018 in partnership with Green Training and Development. Our first masterclass is on June 14th 09:30-13:00 at the Hereford Cider Museum.

You are the key resource within your business. Dream BigForgetting to pay attention to yourself is like trying to chop down trees with a blunt axe – you can do it but it takes a lot of time and energy! This series of workshops is aimed at local business leaders and entrepreneurs who need to step back for a short time to sharpen that axe. This is self-leadership; intentionally influencing your own thinking, feeling, approaches and behaviours to progress your business more effectively.

Workshop 1 – getting things done

What exactly is a mindset for success? This highly practical workshop helps you to build self-awareness and identify and manage the obstacles that get in the way of reaching your goals. The workshop focuses on:

  • Developing positive beliefs
  • Building resilience and wellness
  • Understanding confidence
  • Priority and attention management

Attendees will leave with a range of accessible tools and techniques and a workable action plan to contribute to on-going ‘self-leadership’.

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