Critical Thinking Workshops

Critical thinking workshops

There is a lot of buzz around critical thinking! We are currently involved in a really interesting assignment! We’ve been invited to design and deliver workshops that help raise awareness of the way we think and to look at ways to improve thinking approaches. These workshops are taking place over the next few months in South Wales.

It’s a great piece of work to get involved in since everyone develops as a result – including us!

The workshops have served to remind us that taking the time to think about thinking is vitally important if we are going to improve performance…and it’s a subject that many organisations are realising can give them the edge.

Find out more about critical thinking workshops

We have built a series of experiential activities to explore learning and develop critical thinking skills. The groups we’ve been working with have been great!

If you would like to find out more, we would love to chat. Contact us on To find out more about our workshops, see our training page.