Coaching innovators in the Technology Sector

Annovista has extensive experience in coaching within a wide range of organisations. This led to us being invited by 20 Degrees Consulting to get involved. The project was commissioned by the British Council in association with the South African Technology Innovation Agency. As a result, the goal is to improve the way technology transfer happens in South Africa.

A group of South African technology transfer and innovation specialists took a study tour of Wales. Coaching formed a key part of the programme. In fact, coaching sessions were provided prior to, during and upon returning to South Africa. As a result, the interns were able to identify, commit to, and embed important changes to their approach.


Miles Huckle, Director, Annovista, commented:

“So it was a real privilege to work with such talented, interesting and very likable people. This made the coaching programme really fulfilling. The group seemed to relish the opportunity. As a result, they were able to undertake what was, for some, a novel approach to personal and professional development”.

Dr Alun Hughes, Director, 20 Degrees Consulting, commented:

“We’ve been working with South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency to develop the innovation and commercial capabilities of a group of their interns. As part of this, we put together a programme of developmental visits to relevant organisations in Wales. Annovista helped embed the learning through a series of coaching sessions with each of the interns. Feedback from the interns has been excellent. Not only did it help to embed learning, the sessions enabled people to think through wider issues in their professional lives and explore solutions.”

Annovista undertakes a wide range of coaching. Examples include coaching innovators, executives, teams and individuals.