Virtual Training Academy


We offer a wide range of training modules related to change. We use a variety of virtual delivery platforms. This gives us the flexibility to work best to your needs. Across different platforms, there is different functionality so we also ensure the most appropriate virtual experience is offered.


All our workshops and learning modules are highly interactive. You won’t get bored! All our modules are developed in a way that requires participants to…well…participate! We use polls, quizzes, breakout rooms and interactive whiteboards as well as specific software necessary for particular exercises. 


Of course, besides using virtual platforms to great effect, the most important thing is that learning takes place! All our facilitators and coaches are hugely experienced in ensuring you experience high quality learning, with real impact. 

Need to understand the key basics of project management? This module will set you straight! This module includes:

  • Projects versus non-projects, and why this matters
  • Testing whether your project is worthwhile
  • Creating a management spine through your project
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Laying the foundations by starting as you mean to go on
  • How to maintain focus and control
  • Using project delivery as a tool for ongoing learning
  • Insights from the real-world
  • Personal action-planning

Need to understand how to create a realistic and thought-through plan? Want to avoid some of the classic planning pitfalls? Join us and learn the key steps and thought-processes. This module includes:

  • How to find out what people want
  • Key planning principles
  • What’s in and what’s out?
  • How much and how long?…and keeping it real
  • Creating a robust and realistic schedule
  • Resource considerations, guidance from the real-world
  • Double-checking your plan is realistic and you have the buy-in you need
  • Insights from the real-world
  • Personal action-planning.

How do you properly control a project which is ‘in flight’? How can you distinguish the wood from the trees and really see what’s going on? Learn how to spot things early so you can actively manage a project and remain in control. This module includes:

  • The mechanics of control
  • What’s in the controls toolkit?
  • Establishing an effective early warning system
  • How to manage risks and issues properly
  • Using a questions-based approach
  • How and what to forecast
  • How to make adjustments and still maintain focus and control
  • Insights from the real-world
  • Personal action-planning.

Need to get really clear on the essential components of how wellbeing and remote working are connected? This module takes you through key things to think about, with some vital take-aways!

  • Team dynamics and how these are impacted by virtual interaction
  • What digital tools will work best for you and your team?
  • Creating effective plans
  • Setting clear goals and objectives and checking in appropriately
  • Prioritisation and effective communication
  • Developing a happy and engaged team

This highly experiential module explores how well we understand ourselves and the implications of our interactions. We also reveal key learnings about our personal levels of resilience and how we can develop this further. The module includes:

  • Self-awareness
  • Emotional literacy
  • Being real and true to yourself
  • Understanding your impact on others
  • Managing your own emotions
  • How important is empathy?
  • Building personal resilience
  • Positive challenge and generating change
  • Personal action-planning

This module looks into more recent research in the field of neuroscience and explores what we can practically take from these important findings. This is blended with current work regarding mental fitness. The module includes:

  • Basic applied neuroscience findings
  • Rationale for stress resilience strategies
  • Interventions to improve your stress resilience
  • How to incorporate into daily routines
  • What can be done in the middle of challenging situations?
  • Personal action-planning

Change typically starts with thinking about things in a different way. This module firmly puts the spotlight on our thinking approaches and how we make decisions. Very practical and enjoyable, this module will help you reconsider the way you approach problems and decisions. The module includes:

  • Introduction to critical thinking
  • Thinking approaches
  • Working out what’s important
  • Decision-traps
  • A practical framework
  • Real-world hints and tips
  • Personal action-planning

How do organisations approach change? What tools, techniques and models exist and what’s the thinking behind them? This module explores the fundamentals of organisational change and provides practical approaches to help you explore ways to help your organisation progress. The module includes:

  • Introduction to organisational change
  • Change models for different contexts
  • Tools and techniques
  • Building a change plan
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Real-world hints and tips
  • Personal action-planning

What really happens to us when we face change? This module explores a variety of approaches and current thinking on what we go through and how we can best equip ourselves and respond to change. The module includes:

  • Introduction to change
  • What happens to us when we face change?
  • Tools, techniques and strategies
  • Support – what works best for you?
  • Enhancing resilience
  • Real-world hints and tips
  • Personal action-planning
  • Learn how to create a compelling ‘Vision’ – and discover how to engage people by sharing it
  • Learn the ‘not so simple’ art of writing measurable objectives that motivate our people
  • How to get people to own their performance
  • Build confidence in people to commit and deliver results
  • Develop the vital inter-personal skills required to have enjoyable performance focused discussions
  • Learn how to have positive discussions regularly, consistently and also learn how to keep them fresh
  • Discover the benefits of being personally interested in your people
  • Build confidence in people to commit and deliver results
  • Making measurement an important value and working with reliable data to create a dynamic environment
  • Learn how to make sound decisions and take timely (sometimes corrective) action as a result of the dynamics of the situation
  • Learn how to balance support for under performer with challenge for people coasting