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Portfolio, programme & Project management Capability Assessment

Benchmark your capability and determine areas for improvement formally using our maturity assessment diagnostic tools.


Equip your organisation with the behaviours, skills, tools and approaches to support transformational change.

Project Portfolio Management

Increasing business value, aligning projects with strategic direction. Upskilling and enhancing project and programme managers in current practice. Enabling portfolio managers to make better decisions.


Maturity Assessment: Accelerating Performance & Agile Transformation

Where Are You?

How well do you really understand the performance of your project, programme and portfolio management? Annovista is an Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP), licensed to conduct P3M3® services. Our maturity assessments provide a rich and insightful picture of current practice, including areas requiring improvement and those which are working really well. It shines a light and crucially provides an independent view of current practice using an internationally accredited robust approach.

Where Next?

We can provide your organisation with a maturity score, used to demonstrate your current competency and typically acting as a benchmark from which further development can be undertaken. We will provide you with a prioritised roadmap and action plan, providing a clear pathway of the next steps to enable your organisation to reach its potential. Development investment is therefore laser-guided rather than a blanket approach; offering significant savings in training and development.

Have You Improved?

We can provide follow-up health-checks to assess and demonstrate the progress you’ve made, together with ideas and opportunities to further develop. Having internationally accredited certification of your competency has many additional benefits, including for those organisations bidding for larger scale contracts.

Need Less Formality?

No problem! We can easily flex to suit your needs. For example, you might simply need an assessment of how projects are managed within a specific part of the organisation, or the programme management within a specific division. Tell us what you want to better understand, and we can shape it from there. Our range of project health checks and diagnostic tools can be applied in an agile way providing critical insights, gained with minimal disruption and are highly cost-effective.

AgilePM training


Our Approach To Training

All our training programmes are engaging. We don’t just ‘churn out’ content, we take a massive interest in the learning process. People want learning to be enjoyable, fulfilling, memorable and ultimately helpful. That’s the difference, and explains why a huge amount of our training assignments are acquired through word of mouth. We have an extraordinarily high percentage of repeat business.

Project Management

Annovista’s team has considerable experience and expertise in project management training. Our facilitators are all qualified in current best practice and will help you get the best out of your project delivery. We can really help your project delivery staff gain the skills, tools, techniques, behaviours and judgement necessary for effective project delivery.

We can help you in so many ways. Here are just some:

  • Introduction to project management
  • Professional project management
  • Agile transformation
  • Leading projects
  • Project planning
  • Agile project management
  • Monitoring, controlling and forecasting
  • Applying methods and frameworks
  • Risk management
  • Scheduling and resource management
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Developing high-performance project teams

We offer accredited training (AgilePM, Change Management) as well as bespoke courses designed specifically to your needs. Much of this focusses on agile transformation as organisations seek to seriously improve performance.
If you need focussed support on specific areas of project management, we create bespoke virtual modules to give you exactly what’s needed in our virtual academy.

Programme Management

We have supported many organisations in shaping and improving their programme management performance. Most recently, this included an organisation with a 60,000 strong workforce.

We train current project managers stepping up into programme management as well as helping current programme managers and strategic leaders to properly understand how we can approach large scale and complex change. We’ve helped open many eyes, particularly by introducing novel approaches, and applying them directly to current programmes to gain significantly more clarity.

We can provide training and support in all sorts of ways for programme delivery including:

  • Benefits management
  • Programme management offices (PMOs)
  • Programme planning
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring, controlling and forecasting
  • Target operating models
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Vision statements
  • Governance
  • Latest best practice

Annovista’s programme management support provides a straight-forward approach to getting things moving forward as quickly as possible. We are also very happy to help ‘troubleshoot’ your programme management framework, documentation templates,  process models, governance and even provide coaching and mentoring. Our goal is to enable you to get on with effective programme delivery and achieve your strategic goals.

Portfolio Management

Calling all senior leaders and decision-makers!

We know that organisations are complex with loads of things going on. There are some burning questions that need asking. Are we in control? Do we know what’s ‘in-flight’, Do we have sufficient capacity and capability to achieve our goals? Is everything aligned? Who needs our help? Are the right things going on?

Annovista’s portfolio management training and support provides crucial insight and clarity for senior people. We can help support you to answer these questions and ‘gain and retain’ control. In the words of one director we recently supported through a full agile transformation:

We often run short training workshops for senior members of organisations, or bespoke portfolio management workshops for boards of directors and senior leadership teams to discuss and understand what approaches can really help gain the insight necessary to get properly on the front foot.

AgilePM training

Facilitating Change Management

Now, more than ever, our ability to manage change is being put to the test. Being able to manage change well is a major differentiator between organisations. Annovista have been supporting organisations across many sectors for a long time now. Change is not just a set of skills and competencies we naturally have. There are many approaches out there that can really help you to achieve the changes you need to make.

Our team of change consultants can make a huge impact to help enable organisational change at all levels. We work with senior teams, change managers, change agents, team leaders, line managers, HR, L&D, consultants and project teams.

Examples of our services include:

  • Health checks and diagnostic assessments for change initiatives
  • Supporting agile transformation
  • Change planning
  • Change management awareness training
  • Professional accreditation in change management
  • Coaching support through change (one-to-one and group-based)
  • Gearing up for transformational change

You might simply need a light touch approach where we can be there as a sounding board to discuss your changes, or a full-blown programme of change support. We have the ability to make a big difference.

Interested in gaining a professional qualification in change management? – Click to view our Change Management Accreditation options.

Talk to Annovista’s change management facilitator’s now.

Inspiring growth


What’s our speciality?

Our expertise sits in change. From best practice project and programme management through to personal development in order to release more of your potential, we strive to get the best possible results from our interactions with you.

We offer a significant range of professional training including change and project management, people skills, personal development, leadership and management. From short ‘espresso’ learning workshops through to comprehensive training development programmes, we create memorable, fun and thought-provoking experiences. We understand the learning experience needs to have an impact.

We offer training to a wide array of audiences from new starters and graduates through to top teams. We’ve literally trained thousands of staff based all over the world!

All our training courses are carefully put together and we put our course participants at the centre of everything. We have a very, very high rate of repeat business from our clients, which demonstrates the level of satisfaction of those who attend our courses.

Book on one of our courses or give us a call to chat about how we can help you.

Creating something special

Bespoke Training

Our training services operate across the whole training life-cycle. From training needs analysis through to post-training evaluation, we can do as much or as little as you need. Many of our clients have come to us with very specific training requirements they have not been able to source in the general training market. In addition, numerous clients have approached us because they haven’t been impressed with their current training provision.

How can we help? Well, first and foremost, we just listen to what you have to say, then we ask questions…then we think! We have a good feel for what learning approaches will work in particular organisational settings and cultures. If you are looking for training programmes which generate that spark for people, create realisations and introduce ideas which can readily be implemented, then we are confident we can make a big difference.

Don’t know what you need? No problem – this is a common starting place for us! Very often our clients identify a ‘pain-point’. Something just isn’t quite right in the organisation. We can help you figure out what the real problems are, and then work with you to shape a development programme that will help create the development you need.

Our team of talented facilitators understand that one solution does not fix all problems. Annovista has the capability and experience to help you gain the skills, expertise and behaviours necessary to reach the next level. Whether it’s a workshop for senior board members, upskilling project and change personnel or providing introductory training for inexperienced staff, we can help you achieve your goals.

transformational conversations


We believe coaching is a major contributor to personal, team and organisational change. We all have our challenges. Coaching provides a very special opportunity to work with someone independent from your situation, who will partner with you and provide an appropriate mix of challenge and support to help you achieve your goals. Many people report that their coach helped ‘to hold up the mirror’ so they could better understand their particular situation with greater clarity. This new insight often provides the motivation and renewal necessary to take action. For people we have coached, many are surprised at how powerful the approach is. We’re happy to say we’ve had clients share that the experience has been truly life-changing.

We have coached groups, teams and individuals in the UK and internationally and across diverse sectors. In all circumstances, we challenge ourselves to find the best way to coach and support you. All our coaches are fully accredited and abide by the relevant codes of practice.
Our services include the provision of coaches for specific ad-hoc assignments, as well as providing a coaching service for more comprehensive coaching provision.

If you want to find out more about how coaching might help, please contact us.

ongoing support


Our approach to consulting is based on our ability to listen carefully to what you have to say. Our interest is to understand your challenges and problems and then figure out the best way we can support you.

Our consultants have helped many organisations create the changes they needed to. Examples include:

  • Agile transformation
  • Changing leadership style
  • Creating a culture based on innovation, creativity and critical thinking
  • Project and programme management office (PMO) development and enhancement
  • Developing project and programme frameworks, handbooks, templates and dashboards
  • Trouble-shooting strategic thinking and change initiatives
  • Embedding benefits management
  • Introducing new ways of working
  • Breaking down organisational silos.

We are always happy to have a ‘no-strings’ conversation simply to discuss whether we might be able to support you.

Axelos Accredited Consulting Partner


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